Saturday, August 13, 2011


Okay, to be fair, the above map of the locations from which our site's visitors hail does not represent much except this: the internet (and online video) is far and away the best means by which to engage a global audience. We haven't even officially begun any outbound marketing yet! Now, given that traffic, producing and presenting content relevant to such a diverse audience is a different matter altogether...  It's a serious challenge for any live presenter, and even more so perhaps for an online business. There's virality (user acquisition) and then there's "stickiness" (user traction)...and we have a long way to go before we make headway in either case.  Still the above map is exciting.  It's a glimpse of all the people who just happen to be strolling down the digital boardwalk, who walk by our virtual storefront and try to peak inside.  We haven't dressed our mannequins yet nor peeled the butcher paper off the display windows...and yet we're very eager to see what y'all think.

So: hey, world! Feel free to knock on the door.  Before we really get rollin', tell us what you love...! What music moves you? Who's your favorite ballerina? Is there a classic film that elevates cinema to the realm of high art? Is there a poet or playwright or an actor who's words connect you with something ineffable, something even more powerful than even the words themselves can express?  What Bravoflix offers is a wonderful paradox: art and creativity can transcend our Earthly existence...and yet at the same time connect us ever more deeply with this entire crazy planet.

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