Thursday, June 9, 2011


Bravoflix is about to begin user-testing.  That means: it's your opportunity to kick the tires, take it for a test spin, and tell us what cool features we ought to have.  Want a sun-roof?  Cool...maybe we can add that.  Like big whale fins on the back?  We can add that, too.  Want springs like Speed Racer's Mach Five to hop over other cultural enthusiasts on the information superhighway?  We're working on that.   We want you to fantasize about what presentation of the fine arts should be like in the future...and, like Madonna (or a certain New York liberal representative), we want you to share your fantasies with us, even if what you dig on stage and online is something like the monsterous love-child of the American Ballet Theater and Lady GaGa.  You just might find we were Born That Way.

We're putting together a focus group in Los Angeles sometime during the first week of a secret location.  Basically, you'll be entering the hallowed halls of a cultural Skunk Works.  It's about as easy to get into this joint as it is to get into Hanger 18 at Area 51 or Willie Wonka's Chocolate, if you want a say in the the future of the performing and fine arts online, you need to let us know in advance you'd like to come on down.  The Bravoflix elves will put your name into the supercomputer, do a quick background check, perhaps a LiveScan fingerprinting, and then—voila'—shuttle you several stories underground to our secure bunker.  And there, under the Cone of Silence, you'll relax, enjoy some nice snacks, and tell us your dreams for a more perfect union between the arts and you.

Send me an e-mail at the elves will be expecting you.

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