Wednesday, May 11, 2011


"Sincerity and specificity are going to be the hot commodities in music. Everybody can have anything that they want, so now it gets into what specifically you have to give."

—Pianist Eric Lewis

Our site!  It's working!  After months of hard and careful work by some of the brightest and most patient developers and designers on the planet, Bravoflix is online!

We're officially in what I call our "alpha" mode, right now...  In tech speak, that means we're still doing lots of testing and ironing out the kinks, but you can get a good sneak peek at our so-called "minimum viable product"...of what the site might look like once it launches in full and our campaign to get Bravoflix mainstage attention kicks in (or in so-called public "beta" mode).

We have many cool things in progress--new features that will really elevate Bravoflix to an unprecedented level of interactivity for lovers of music, dance, theater, and visual art.  With regard to music alone, I believe Bravoflix is the future of concert presentation...the best in live, realtime performances streaming over the web, and lots of on-demand, and archival video recordings, too.  Bravoflix intends to become the cultural destination on the web...serious fun 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

If you love the arts like I do, now you don't need to sift through tons of crummy YouTube videos, or wish A&E network would broadcast something more inspiring than Dog The Bounty Hunter.  (Sorry're still cool.)  But: if you can't make it to your local performing arts center--if the babysitter, the traffic, the cost of parking, or simply high ticket prices all seem like insurmountable obstacles--have no fear!  Bravoflix will bring the best in the arts to you.  We're all about access!  We hope you find the innovative means by which we do this a welcome addition to your cultural life.

If you possess an informed and probing sense of style and aesthetics, you'll find your friends on Bravoflix have a lot in common with you. If you're searching for authenticity and sophisticated quality beyond what is immediately available through the mainstream media-critty, but still want to have a whole heckuva lot of fun, then Bravoflix is for you.   If you love the arts and want to find something more compelling than trendy enlightened debauchery...Bravoflix is the real deal: instant inspiration for the authentic creativity in you.  We're glad you found us...and we hope you feel at home.

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